Telegraaf Media Groep extends contract with Atos for five years

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Telegraaf Media Groep extends contract with Atos for five years

16 December 2013

The Amsterdam-based division of the Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG) has extended its contract with Atos for the administration of its IT Infrastructure for a further five years. As part of this new contract, Atos is responsible for transforming the existing IT infrastructure – which is fully structured to meet TMG’s specific wishes and requirements – into  standardised services, as far as possible, from the Atos product range.
This migration is to be completed within nine months. Following this, Atos will focus on the administration of the Central Service Desk, including the Self Service Portal. The IT service provider will also introduce a new workplace based on the Atos Workplace Services concept, supported by Citrix technology. What’s more, it will restructure the complete back-end infrastructure. This work will be carried out in Atos data centres, thanks to the use of CIS Private Cloud technology and high-quality storage and back-up facilities. Some of the existing business applications will be transferred to the new infrastructure, while others will be discontinued or hosted on other platforms (SaaS). Atos remains responsible for the administration of all Oracle, SQL and MySQL databases.

Modern, operationally secure and future-proof

Following this transition, TMG will not only have a new workplace but also a modern, operationally secure and future-proof infrastructure for its business applications. “In comparison with the agreement we signed with TMG in 2006, the expansion of our services will now enable TMG to reduce the administration costs for its IT infrastructure substantially. TMG as a company is currently undergoing major changes and it’s possible that this agreement will, in the course of time, be extended to include other divisions of TMG. We are delighted that TMG is once again placing its trust in Atos,” comments Rob Pols, CEO of Atos Benelux.

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