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Digital Data Center services

Doing business in a digital economy could give you a serious strategic advantage. It could grow your top line revenue. However with the endless explosion of data, data centers are being stretched with overwhelming workloads. Your data center performance directly affects your business performance. So how do you streamline your data center to keep pace with the ever-rising expectations on IT?

Go for a cost-effective alternative to your traditional IT infrastructure: let us virtualize all components of your enterprise IT — server, storage, network and security.The Digital Data Center (DDC) is Atos' evolutionary answer to empowering IT to deliver at the speed of business, meeting both CIO and CFO business priorities.

This new Atos service enables our clients to:

  • Enjoy a new flexible service model for Data Center management.
  • Virtualize the key networking and storage functions of their environments as well as compute.
  • Lower the cost of infrastructure by providing a pre-constructed architecture ‘pod’ built on commodity hardware.
  • Deploy changes faster through the use of programmable interfaces, driving their business ahead of their competition.
  • Support legacy applications that can be deployed on any operating system version, provided it is still within vendor support.
  • Provide interoperability with legacy systems not deployed within the DDC environment.



Three steps to a Digital Data Center

Consult & Architect

Delivers an upfront assessment of your existing data center environment, alongside capacity planning, future state architecture and roadmap. Includes the design of the software-defined infrastructure, automation and orchestration tools and best practices to create an operational softwaredefined framework.


Transitions your DC to a software-defined architecture. Move to DDC services from Atos and/or within customerowned data centers. Includes production deployment and go-live, and transitioning to operational support.


Provisions pre-configured virtualized compute, storage and network resources on demand via a simple, agile, dedicated, highly standardized infrastructure pod. Includes complete
service lifecycle management, policy-based, flexible resourcing, access to service catalogs and modular pricing.

Creating a digital world (Light)



Want to learn more about Atos' DDC? Come by our booth on the Dell Solutions Tours 2015 in Helsinki September 17th

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